Nouveau: Accelerated Open Source driver for nVidia cards

The nouveau project aims to build high-quality, free/libre software drivers for nVidia cards. “Nouveau” [nuvo] is the French word for “new”. Nouveau is composed of a Linux kernel KMS driver (nouveau), Gallium3D drivers in Mesa, and the Xorg DDX (xf86-video-nouveau).

Current Status

  • 2D/3D acceleration supported on all cards; see FeatureMatrix for details
  • Performance level selection (also known as "reclocking") is not supported yet. Expect low 3D performance on laptops using a Tesla GPU and all Fermi/Kepler cards. (see CodeNames)


  • Feb, 2014: Nouveau status update at FOSDEM 2014
  • Feb, 2014: NVIDIA starts contributing support for the GK20a to Nouveau! Welcome to the community, NVIDIA!
  • Jan, 2014: OpenGL 3.3 support committed for NV50 and NVC0 Gallium3D drivers into Mesa 10.1
  • Jan, 2014: GK110/GK208 graph firmware supplied by nouveau, in 3.14-rc1
  • Dec, 2013: H.264/MPEG4 decoding for cards with VP3/VP4.0 engines merged into Mesa 10.0.1
  • Sep, 2013: NVIDIA is willing to help Nouveau with documentation and answering some questions! Yay!


Linux Kernelgit3.13.3

Contacting the Team

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