NetBSD has preliminary support for NVIDIA hardware via the nouveau(4) DRM/KMS kernel driver ported from Linux 3.15, and all the same userland components as for Linux -- the libdrm library, the libdrm_nouveau library, the xf86-video-nouveau video driver, and the Mesa GL driver.

On NetBSD 7, the kernel driver nouveau(4) is available on i386 and amd64, but disabled by default. Most bug fixes are pulled up to the netbsd-7 branch. The userland components are not available in the standard distribution sets, though they are available through pkgsrc in x11/xf86-video-nouveau and graphics/MesaLib.

On NetBSD-current, the kernel driver nouveau(4) is enabled by default in the i386/GENERIC, amd64/GENERIC, and evbarm/TEGRA kernel configurations. The userland components are available in the distribution sets, spread across xbase.tgz, xcomp.tgz, xserver.tgz, and xdebug.tgz, or from pkgsrc in x11/xf86-video-nouveau and graphics/MesaLib.

Some hardware has been tested, but I don't have a list of it at the moment. If the display blanks or otherwise fails when you try to boot with NVIDIA graphics hardware, you can disable nouveau(4) at the boot prompt by booting with boot -c and then typing disable nouveau and quit at the following userconf prompt:

> boot -c
userconf> disable nouveau
userconf> quit

If you have any NetBSD-specific questions, ask on the tech-x11 mailing list (see archive).