Pekka Paalanen


  • At home (cooler dropped off): GeForce 256, AGP, VGA
  • At home: nv20 10de:0200, GeForce3, Elsa Gladiac 920, AGP, VGA
  • At home (installed): nv28 10de:0282, GeForce4 TI4800 SE, AGP, DVI+VGA
  • Work laptop: NVD9 (Thinkpad T420, with a BIOS switch to select between Intel, Nvidia, and Optimus.)

To Read

Git 1.5

If you have repositories created or cloned with earlier git version than 1.5, these instructions may not apply.

Setting up DRM for pushing

The mesa/drm tree has lots and lots of branches, tracking them all is a bit useless, so I used this recipe found in man git-remote:

$ mkdir drm.git
$ cd drm.git
$ git-init
$ git-remote add -f -t master -m master origin ssh://
$ git merge origin

This will get me the origin/master branch and nothing else. I can later add new branches to be tracked by e.g.

$ git-config --add remote.origin.fetch +refs/heads/modesetting-101:refs/remotes/origin/modesetting-101
$ git-fetch origin

Now I can check the tracked branches with git-branch -r and config settings with git-config -l. To be warm and fuzzy (make sure where my git-push goes) I do

$ git-config --add remote.origin.push master:master

which probably is some kind of default, but does not hurt to define it anyway. I am going to push my master branch, so I must remember to do my development in other branches

To keep those nasty trailing whitespaces from my commits, I should remember to activate .git/hooks/pre-commit script by making it executable.

And remember, do not use git-pull when git-fetch && git-rebase origin can do the job. Spurious merge commits are annoying.

New git repo at fd.o

git remote add public ssh://
git-config remote.public.push master:master
git push --force public

Testing patches against git revisions in Gentoo

Using git ebuilds lets one test properly formatted patches easily. Say, you filed a bug against a git master HEAD some time ago, and now you got a patch to try. First find out which revision you actually used, since master HEAD has moved. It can be seen from emerge per-package-install log if git fetch was actually downloading something, or going to /var/portage/distfiles/git-src/* and inspecting the repo. Then just e.g.:

  * EGIT_PATCHES="/home/pq/tmp/0001-dix-don-t-apply-button-mappings-to-SDs-or-the-devi.patch" EGIT_TREE=734b23e5982e171031077a2d5d6b5dc2a12e1a70 emerge -va xorg-server 


The script claws-git-am.bash can be set as an Action in claws-mail. Then select some patch email and use the Action to apply them directly from claws-mail.